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I am Suryakant. I am a professional baby photographer... - Maternity, Newborn, Kids and Baby Photographer in Hyderabad, India

Hello, I am Suryakant, a pro baby photographer.


I believe a great portrait has the power to take your breath away, delight you or move you to tears. My style is capturing real moments that tell a story while showcasing the wonder, joy, and excitement of childhood. I love to get creative with beautiful light, artistic perspectives, and funky angles. Most of all, I love to present those precious memories as stunning works of art that your family will cherish forever.


As a parent myself, I understand that every family has a genuine story, unique relations. During a baby photo session, I can feel the love when a father gently cradles his baby girl, her teeny tiny hand clasped tightly around his finger or the loving gaze between a mother and son as they stroll through a field at sunset. Life is filled with tiny moments of perfection, and our goal is to capture them as beautiful works of art.


I offer to capture beautiful moments of children, mothers-to-be, and families in their homes or outdoor locations of their choice. The focus is on capturing natural emotions and creating artistic keepsakes…


Along with being a baby photographer, my passion also lies in painting. Check my work at my personal website Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube.