Maternity Photography

Starts at INR 15,000

My Maternity Photography is not just about creating a memory for you. My sessions are about an experience. It’s about making you feel beautiful from inside as you are from outside in reality. I just find pregnancy to be a very beautiful stage of life. It should be celebrated and preserved. I can help you do both.

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Newborn Photography

Starts at INR 20,000

Newborns will never remain this small. These tiny little bubs will almost double their weight in just 2-3 months. This visual memory needs to be preserved and documented.
We make newborn photography session a very special experience for the parents. We pose the baby with a great calm and patience and is able to keep your baby peaceful and restful to capture the best sleeping newborn shots.

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Baby Photography

Starts at INR 20,000

Collect memories and experience, not things. Let me help you collect the most beautiful memories of your baby. They will grow up before you know it. Our goal during your session will be to capture your children as they are; from smiles, frowns, to moments of thought. You will remember and cherish these days forever!

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Baby Events Photography

Starts at INR 25,000

We make fantastic candid and conventional images for Birthday party events for kids of all ages… We also cover Baby Shower celebrations, Cradle Ceremony, Annaprasana or Annaprasannam Celebrations and Naming ceremonies. We do make amazing candid cinematic videos and do FUN’tastic Cake smash sessions for babies turning one…

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